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Imagine having your own Salesteam working entirely on Commission with no base fee. Welcome to! You pay only for the Traffic your Site receives and you can have as many Affiliates as you like, thus making an Affiliate Program one of the most Viable ways to Increase your Sales.

CosmicPHP is a Web Developers Resource where you can download free website software written in PHP to help your Internet Business beat the rest. The scripts will Increase your site's Traffic, Efficiently Handle your site Inquiries, and Add Powerful Search Capabilities to your site.
A Webmaster's Resource offering scripts such as Affiliate Software, Search Software, Mailing Lists, and Free Scripts which you can easily run on your own servers. is a Popular Choice for many Web Developers today.
A definitive guide to internet marketing techniques and strategies. Learn all the ways of web promotion and exactly how to make them work for you. Step by step guides and tutorials show you exactly what to do to make your site succeed.  
A Fast, Free and Fun Web-Based Email Service. With a CosmicEmail account you can check your email from anywhere in the world. The Permanent Service is SPAM-Free, Private, Versatile, and won't cost you a penny. Sign up for a CosmicEmail account today! | | | | | |